In Search of Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was many things to many people: writer, philosopher, wine connoisseur, botanist, gentleman farmer, and of course author of our most famous document, The Declaration of Independence which sets out in the most beautiful language his vision of man’s role in the universe.   He was the ultimate Renaissance man whose interests were wide spread […]

A Day in the Life – Working Out of a Shed Office

Less is more. Isn’t that the doctrine?   Back in the days of architecture school, a studio was offered in which the students were required to design a “carrel”, or small writing space. The challenge was to incorporate key architectural elements (rhythm, hierarchy, repetition, etc.) into as small a space while making it “personal” in terms […]

Architectural Design with Tennis & Fly Fishing on the Mind

The following is an excerpt from an upcoming collection of essays and reminiscences entitled “Grass Courts & Bamboo Fly Rods”.  Predominantly about playing tennis on grass (the surface, that is) and fly fishing with a bamboo rod, this particular piece relates the two to architecture.     An architectural designer wrote recently that after watching a […]

The Uniqueness of an Architectural Education

Of all the professions, those who practice architecture have a long history of being one of the most active and generous with their time as educators and mentors. The following are some thoughts on what can be unique from an architectural education.     The ancient Roman architect, Vitruvius, wrote that the practice of architecture requires the […]

Economic Sustainability in Essex County

The late writer, John Updike, once wrote that Essex County in Massachusetts is “one of the most livable” areas in the country despite its being “one of the longest-settled and most populous”. This small region, Updike’s home for most of his adult life, is rich in architecture given its longevity, and condensed with varied and […]

Endymion Looks into the Long History of Salem’s Pickering House

Endymion Designs continues its series in partnership with Salem photographer Ziggy Hartfelder of Irish-Eye, of chronicling the rich architectural heritage of Essex County, Massachusetts. Buildings from each significant architectural period have been chosen that both exemplify its architectural characteristics AND provide a “story” that enriches our understanding of the area’s unique history. Eclectic A true indication […]